Ziporah Hildebrandt

 z A perennial nature enthusiast, Ziporah Hildebrandt extracts the colors hidden in garden plants to create dyes for silk. She began tie-dyeing professionally in 1976, but gave it up  when disabled by chemical sensitivities. Natural dyeing with plants opened a whole new world. The interplay of leaves, bark, fruit or flowers with the ordinary elements of sun, air, metals and water creates exquisite patterns in silk. Plant dyes produce complex subtleties of color quite different from monotone synthetic dyes. bambooforest She enjoys using traditional Japanese shibori designs, as well as resist techniques of her own invention. The silk and the plants “tell me what to do” as she folds, clamps, binds and presses in a clear space of creating what is completely new.  Interview with Ziporah. And… More about her work with plants.

Ziporah joins Leslie and Thérèse at 58 Schoolhouse Road for the 2017 holiday tour, #3 on the map.